4cash is a Cyprus based Payment Service Provider which was formed with an eye to become a leader in the ever-growing industry. We are a profound market leader with a team of professionals who possess vast knowledge in the field of Payment Service provision as well as acquiring banks. We have been in the industry for over 12 years now and our specialists have the coveted ability to deliver quality, reliable payment solutions to all merchants worldwide. We have specialized in the provision of various online transactions with business consulting, smart card solutions, enterprise fleet management products, networks, and e-payment applications being our stronghold. 4cash incorporates a group of experienced professionals who boast of a reputable world track record in the industry of payment service provision and also acquiring banks. Our expert team also relies on their working experience gained from management of several banking and card projects.


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• PCI Level 1 certified gateway
• E-Commerce and Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)
• 90 processing and settlement currencies
• Alternative Payment Methods
• Prepaid Card Programs
• Risk and Fraud Management Tools
• Real Time Back office
•Easy integration
• 24/7 Support
• VIP Accounts


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For any e-commerce merchant, a reliable link to your merchant account and your bank account in an appropriate way. A reputable Payment Service Provider (PSP) will definitely offer these services with a remarkable alliance with various parties to enable delivery of the services to the merchants. Being an industrial leader, 4cash is known for establishing strong bonds with major parties that enable the provision of our services. 4cash has made an alliance with most acquiring banks. These are banks where merchants have their accounts from where payments are made. Transactions are thus easier for our customers since we have already started the partnership with their merchant acquiring banks.